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Contribute Expertise on Illinois' Plants

delphinium misidentification.jpg 



Find Errors

Contribute your expertise as a botanist in finding the errors that surely occur on our website.  We display tens of thousands of images, hundreds of thousands of separate pieces of information about Illinois' plants, and nearly one million locality records of plants.  Certainly, some of these are wrong, and we rely on users of the site to point out these inaccuracies.  Contact us at or contact any of the Botany Team members.  

Oh, and the picture is actually Delphinium tricorne.




Add information

Are you an expert on a group of plants?  Help us edit what we display about those plants in order to provide the most current information.  There are currently several plant groups: grasses, sedges, aquatic plants, etc for which we do not have as much information as others, and we would love to work with you to make our site more complete.