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Authors:  Greg Spyreas, Ian Pearse, Dan Nickrent

Bioinformatics & Programming:  Brandon Flowers, Phil Anders, Aidan Epstein, Mai Greenwood

ILPIN:  Louis Iverson, David Ketzner, Jean Karnes, Anantha Prasad

Design:  Danielle Ruffato


Occurrence Records

John Wilker and Jeannie Barnes helped us incorporate the original INAI database.   

Brian Wilm, Laura Sass, and Scott Weisbrook helped us incorporate the IDOT wetlands group database

Tara Keininger and Jeannie Barnes helped us incorporate the IDNR Heritage database. 

Jamie Minnaert-Grote helped us incorporate the ILLS herbarium database. 

Connie Carroll-Cunningham and Tari Tweddale helped us incorporate the INAI Update database.

Juanita Armstrong-Ullberg helped us incorporate the Will County database.  



Kevin Nixon developed the programming for the PhytoImages website and helped link that site to Illinois Plants.

Mihai Costea, Gabriella Costea, and Peiter Pelser contributed numerous valuable images to PhytoImages.

John Hilty (Illinois Wildflowers) and Ken Robertson contributed missing species images.



Andrew Hipp gave us valuable advice in how to link the site with external data sources. 

Brenda Molano-Flores, Eric Ulaszek, and Jill Baty (JB!) helped with several aspects of page development.

Brian Anderson’s initial support and encouragement for the project allowed the ball to start rolling for Illinois Plants