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Useful Links Relating to Illinois Plants

Websites on the Illinois Flora
  • Illinois Native Plant Society. Dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and study of the native plants and vegetation of Illinois.  There are 8 regional chapters: Northeast, Kankakee Torrent, Quad Cities, Irene Cull, Grand Prairie, Forest Glen, Central, and Southern as shown on this map.
  • Illinois Wildflowers by Dr. John Hilty.
  • Illinois Native Plant Guide (2008).  A guide to the use of native plant species for restoration and revegetation along streams in northeastern Illinois. Published by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA.
  • Wildflowers. University of Illinois Extension.  This website was developed to help gardeners incorporate wildflowers into their gardens by giving information on various native wildflowers.
  • The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois by Kenneth Robertson.
Websites on Plants from Neighboring States
  •  Constructed by Dan Tenaglia, the site contains a large collection of plant photos, arranged taxonomically or by flower color. Each species page contains wonderful photos and descriptions and other useful information.
  • Iowa Plants.  A catalog identifying some of the species found in SE Iowa.
  • Wisflora: Wisconsin Vascular Plant Species. Presented by the Wisconsin State Herbarium, University of Wisconsin - Madison and Partner Herbaria Statewide.
  • Kentucky Plants.  Considered a "work in progress" by its author, Dr. Julian Campbell, this site provides a wealth of information on plants of the Bluegrass State.  Distribution maps by species are available for downloading.
  • Southeastern Flora. By John R. Gwaltney, shows photos of over 1900 wildflowers.
Other Useful Websites
  • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  This site, whose mission is to "conserve, restrore, and create healthy landscapes" has lots of information about native plants. The image gallery has over 40,000 plant images.
  • Center for Plant Conservation.  Its mission is to conserve and restore the imperiled native plants of the United States to secure them from extinction. Located at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis MO.
  • USDA PLANTS.  USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • Plants of Concern. Offered by the Chicago Botanic Garden, it is a regional rare plant monitoring program designed to assess long-term trends in rare plant species.
Other Midwestern State Native Plant Societies
Midwestern Herbaria with Online Access to Specimen Data

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