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Amphizoa lecontei Matthews 1872



Type specimens

Lectotype designated by Kavanaugh (1980); male in British Museum of Natural History. Type locality: Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Kavanaugh (1986) notes, however, that he had seen no specimens from the island nor from any adjacent coastal mainland. Since the supposed type locality is well outside the known geographical range of the species, he raised the probability that the lectotype is mislabeled and that the type locality should be emended.



Amphizoa lecontei Matthews 1872

  • Amphizoa planata Van Dyke 1927a (synonymized by Van Dyke 1927b)
  • Amphizoa carinata Edwards 1951 (synonymized by Kavanaugh 1986)



Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory; United States: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is given as the collecting locality both in Matthew's original description and on labels affixed to the specimens.


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