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Picnic Beetle 

Glischrochilus quadrisignatus

Coleoptera: Nitidulidae

• The adult picnic beetle is black with four yellow irregular spots, and about 3/16" long. (a)

• Beetles feed on the ripening fruits of strawberry. 
• Beetles feed on overripe and damaged fruits and vegetables including sweet corn ears and the fruit of tomato, apricot, and peach. (b) 
• Beetles tunnel through fruit, leaving feces, and subsequent bacterial and fungal infections.

• Harvest ripening fruit promptly and remove damaged or rotting fruit that attracts these beetles. 
• Avoid peeking into ripening sweet corn ears because disturbed husks allow easier beetle attack. 
• Pile damaged fruit away from the garden to attract beetles.

Other Information 
• Beetles are more numerous near forested areas, where their larvae live. 
• Cooking odors will attract these beetles to food indoors. 

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